Completing the Application

Admitted and currently enrolled students may sign in using their HawkID and password to apply. Others may visit our landing page to view a list of scholarships awarded from the Iowa Scholarship Portal.

Submitting the General Application (Profile Information)

Upon your first sign-in at the portal, you will be taken to the General Application.  This short application must be completed before you are able to apply for scholarships.

When the General Application is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

College and Department Level Applications

After submitting the General Application, you may be directed to one or more college and/or department level applications depending on your program(s) of study. Keep in mind that not all colleges and departments will have these types of applications. Some may also have minimum GPA requirements tied to it.

When a college or department level application is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

After completing this application, the system will automatically match you with the specific scholarship opportunities within your college/department you appear eligible for. This is referred to as “auto-matching”.

Recommended Opportunities

Once you submit your General Application and college or department level applications (if applicable) you may be taken to the Other Recommended Opportunities page. Here you will find instructions for applying to scholarships that are being recommended to you. Read through the scholarship description first to see if you qualify before clicking on the visible “Apply” button and completing the application.

When a Recommended Opportunity application is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Students who appear eligible for these apply-to opportunities will be notified via email when the scholarship application opens.

Reviewing the Applicant Record

Applicant record data is populated from your official student file.  Students should review the “Applicant Record” tab to ensure all information is accurate; however, you cannot edit this information from the portal.

For incoming students, information on the applicant record is imported from the admission application. Newly admitted first-year and transfer students should contact the Admissions Office for corrections or updates to their applicant record. For current students, information on the applicant record is imported from the current student record. Current students should contact the Registrar’s Office for corrections or updates to the applicant record.

“Ours” Landing Page

To view an extensive list of scholarship opportunities available from the Iowa Scholarship Portal, click on Ours under the “Opportunities” menu list. You may also choose to search for scholarships based on a particular college or department.

Communication from the Portal

Emails coming from the portal are sent as follows: